Builders Home Warranty Insurance

Home Warranty Insurance is compulsory for works valued over $20,000 that are residential in nature. If the contract price is not known, the reasonable market cost of the labour and materials involved is over $20,000.

Home warranty insurance needs to be provided for the following:
  • a builder or tradesperson before taking any money (including a deposit) from a home owner (including an owner-builder) under a residential building contract and before starting any work under that contract;
  • a ‘spec’ builder before starting any residential building work on a property owned by the builder;
  • a developer before entering into a contract for the sale of a property on which a builder is doing or has done residential building work for the developer;
  • an owner-builder (ie a home owner who did owner-builder work under an owner-builder permit) before entering into a contract for sale of the property on which residential building was done within the previous 6 years (see below information on Owner Builder).
If you have current eligibility
  • If you currently hold eligibility all that we require to arrange home warranty on your behalf is to complete a letter of appointment on your letterhead, sign and provide to our office. This will give us the authority to make enquires on your behalf and arrange Home Warranty Insurance accordingly.
  • Please click for our Letter of Appointment.
If you do not have current eligibility
  • If you do not currently hold eligibility, you will need to make a new application to the insurer. To apply for eligibility, will need to be complete an application form and forward it to our office. On the last page of the form there is a checklist of supporting documentation that you will also need to provide with your application. It is important that all documentation is submitted with the application in order for your it to be processed.
  • Application forms can by clicking the following link Home Warranty Forms.
Job Certificates
  • Once eligibility is approved, you can then apply to Insure your specific projects, provided the project is within the turnover and sub-limits approved. Should it not be, you are required to complete a Builder Eligibility Profile Change Application, along with all additional information, and submit it to us for reassessment.
  • To submit a Job Certificate request please complete the appropriate for from Home Warranty Forms and submit to our office.
  • Eligibility - Up to ten working days from the we receive the completed application from you.
  • Eligibility Transfers - Up to five working days from the date that we receive the letter of appointment from you.
  • Job Certificates - Up to 24 hours (subject to eligibility conditions)
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