At Austbrokers City State we aim to safeguard our partners from the unexpected

  • Business is complicated. The pace of change and shifting commercial landscape raises both opportunities and challenges for all leaders. With unknown surprises always around the corner, how do we navigate toward growth? By arming ourselves with the right knowledge, experience and insights.

    At Austbrokers City State, we have a simple, but effective method of ensuring your performance, prosperity and resilience. It’s called listening. We know that the key to long term relationships is by carefully listening to our clients, understanding what is required, and accurately and attentively reflecting this in our strategies.

    Bob Grbevski
    Bob GrbevskiManaging Director

How to ask better questions

We deliver effective mitigation strategies that safeguard our partners from the unexpected.

Many businesses survive and prosper on knowing the answers to questions in a given field of expertise. At Austbrokers City State, it is our job to ask questions.

Because, only by questioning what you know, can we anticipate what you don’t know. And, while we can’t see into the future and eliminate surprises, we can certainly put contingencies in place to combat them.

This is why when we engage a new client, we strive to gain a near parallel understanding of their operations.

A strategic partnership with Austbrokers City State is designed to reduce the impact of risk on your business by posing the most pertinent questions and responding with smart solutions.

What is risk management?

Risk management beyond its traditional scope is becoming more and more important to businesses. Risk exists in every aspect of an entity, and managing that risk is becoming as common as managing people or processes.

We divide each into three main categories:

Physical Risk

Financial Risk

People Risk

Good risk management enhances good decision making and typically involves improving transparency, accountability, governance and compliance. Establishing an efficient and effective risk.